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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/24/16 2:22 am9/24/16 2:22 amHumbert HallWelfare check, alcohol violation, MedicalStudent transported to hospital, referred to Community Standards
9/24/16 1:17 am9/24/16 1:17 amHumbert HallWelfare checkUnable to located subject
9/24/16 12:26 am9/24/16 12:26 amLongden HallFire alarmPull station, alarm reset
9/24/16 12:02 am9/24/16 12:02 amLongden HallFire alarm.Pull station, alarm reset
9/23/16 10:07 pm9/23/16 10:07 pmPhi PsiLarge Gathering of people, possible unregistered partyPro-active contact by Officer.
9/23/16 2:00 pm9/23/16 12:30 pmLilly CenterSuspicious male in the female locker room. Delayed report, unable to located anything on cameras.
9/23/16 12:52 am9/23/16 12:52 amAlpha Tau OmegaVerbal altercation in the parking.Subjects separated, report filed.
9/22/16 8:06 pm9/22/16 8:06 pm210 E Walnut St. Squirrel stuck in downspout.Squirrel rescued by Officer
9/22/16 7:46 amunknown Burkhart WalkFlowers pulled out of planterReport taken
9/22/16 2:12 am9/22/16 2:12 am509 S Locust St. Vandalism to dumpsterReport taken, referred to Community Standards