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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/16/17 1:29 am9/16/17 1:29 amPeeler LotSuspicious VehicleSubject Located/ Checked Okay
9/16/17 1:21 am9/16/17 1:21 amHanna St.Suspicious VehicleOfficer Checked Area/ Unable to Locate Vehicle
9/16/17 12:59 am9/16/17 12:59 amLocust St.Suspicious VehicleVehicle and Subjects Located Verbal Warning Issued/ Left Campus
9/16/17 12:39 am9/16/17 12:39 amLongden Hall LawnMinor in ConsumptionSubject Released/ Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office and Community Standards Committee
9/16/17 12:07 am9/16/17 12:07 amBlackstockTraffic Stop/Suspicious ActivitySubjects Located Verbal Warning Issued/ Left Premises
9/15/17 11:30 pm9/15/17 11:30 pmLongden HallSuspicious PersonsOfficer Checked Building/ Unable to Locate Subjects
9/15/17 6:53 pm9/15/17 6:53 pmBowman ParkMedicalAmbulance Dispatched/ Patient Refused Treatment
9/15/17 2:36 pm9/15/17 2:36 pmMason HallDating Violence/Altercation-PhysicalSubjects Separated Upon Officer Arrival/ Forwarded to Title IX and Prosecutor's Office
9/15/17 1:39 am9/15/17 1:39 amDelta Tau DeltaPro-Active Contact/ Noise- Loud MusicOfficer Made Contact with House Representation Verbal Warning Issued/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/14/17 11:31 pm9/14/17 11:31 pmRoy O WestRoommate ConflictForwarded to Student Academic Life/ Forwarded to Campus Living
9/14/17 6:45 pm9/14/17 6:45 pmOn CampusAssist GPD- Welfare CheckSubject Located at Residence Off Campus
9/14/17 3:25 pm9/14/17 3:25 pmOff CampusAssist GPD- Locate SubjectGPD Took Call/ Unable to Locate Subject
9/14/17 1:15 pm9/14/17 JulianTheft of Wallet and MoneyUnder Investigation
9/14/17 11:17 am9/14/17 11:17 amCollege St. HallWelfare CheckForwarded to Campus Living
9/14/17 10:20 amunknown On CampusHazingForwarded to Campus Living
9/14/17 10:01 amunknown CampusStudent ConcernReport Filed/ Forwarded to Student Academic Life
9/14/17 1:12 am9/14/17 1:12 amRoy O WestHarassment/ Roommate ConflictForwarded to Student Academic Life/ Forwarded to Campus Living
9/13/17 11:54 pm9/13/17 11:54 pmHogate LotPossession of Marijuana/ Possession of ParaphernaliaForwarded to Prosecutor's Office/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/13/17 8:25 pm9/13/17 8:25 pm506 S Jackson St.Investigate for Odor of GasGFD Dispatched/ Checked Area Checked Okay Unable to Locate Source
9/13/17 7:44 pm9/13/17 7:44 pm700 Block S. Locust St.Harassment-VerbalOfficer Checked Area Unable to Locate Subjects or Vehicle/ Report Filed Closed Pending Additional Information
9/13/17 9:36 am9/13/17 9:36 amInn at DePauwTrespassSubject Located Escorted to Residence/ Trespass Warning Issued
9/13/17 8:05 am9/13/17 8:05 amLucy Rowland HallFire-Stove Burner FireExtinguished/Forwarded to Facilities Management for Review and Possible Repairs
9/12/17 11:40 pm9/12/17 11:40 pm503 S JacksonFire Alarm/ Housing Policy ViolationDue to Use of Candle and Subject Smoking/ Alarm Reset Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/12/17 7:48 pm9/12/17 7:48 pmCampusStudent ConcernForwarded to Student Academic Life
9/12/17 6:40 pm9/12/17 6:40 pm409 S JacksonFire AlarmSmoke Detector/ False Alarm
9/12/17 4:39 pm9/12/17 4:39 pmLucy Rowland HallHarassment-VerbalForwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/12/17 11:33 am9/9/17 10:23 pmAlpha PhiCriminal Mischief/Theft of SignRecovered/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/12/17 7:35 am9/12/17 7:35 amReese HallFire AlarmAlarm System Malfunction/ Alarm Reset Forwarded to Facilities Management for Repairs
9/12/17 7:34 am9/12/17 7:34 amOlinFire AlarmAlarm System Malfunction/ Alarm Reset
9/11/17 11:33 am9/11/17 11:33 am414 S Indiana St.Fire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset