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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
8/21/16 8:07 pm8/21/16 8:07 pmMason HallTrouble AlarmDrug policy and housing policy violation
8/21/16 7:19 pm8/21/16 7:19 pmBeta Theta PiUnregistered BurnFire Dept approved
8/21/16 7:19 pm8/21/16 7:19 pmBeta Theta PiUnregistered BurnCleared by Greencastle Fire Department
8/21/16 7:07 pm8/21/16 8:07 pmMason HallTrouble alarmHousing and drug policy violation
8/21/16 1:21 am8/21/16 1:21 am304 S. IndianaFire AlarmFire Department cleared the building. No Fire. Detector malfunction. Service request turned in.
8/20/16 9:15 pm8/20/16 9:15 pmBloomington Street HallEmergency phone activatedOfficer went to location. Unable to anyone in vicinity. UTL
8/20/16 12:07 pm8/20/16 12:05 pmLilly CenterMedicalVisitor fell. Officer rendered first aid. Visitor refused further treatment.
8/20/16 8:46 am8/20/16 8:46 amLucy HallFire AlarmNo fire. Alarm reset.
8/20/16 1:02 am8/20/16 1:02 am418 S. Jackson St.Public IndecencyMale subject left area, UTL
8/20/16 12:57 am8/20/16 12:57 amHogate HallParking ComplaintVehicle parked on yellow curb. Made contact with student. Student moved vehicle