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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
8/26/17 4:16 pm8/26/17 Humbert HallMischief-Investigating BiasUnder Investigation
8/26/17 2:50 am8/26/17 2:50 amLocust/ Simpson Sts.Welfare CheckOfficer Made Contact with Subject/ Checked Okay
8/26/17 2:35 am8/26/17 2:35 amHanna/Jackson Sts.Verbal Harassment from VehicleSubjects Identified/ Left Campus
8/26/17 12:33 am8/26/17 12:33 am504 S Jackson St.Noise-Loud PeopleOfficer Made Contact with Residents/ Verbal Warning Issued
8/25/17 9:13 pm8/25/17 9:13 pmMason HallInvestigate for Odor of MarijuanaForwarded to Campus Living/ Unable to Locate Source
8/25/17 8:24 pm8/25/17 8:24 pmDelta Tau Delta Pro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicMade Contact with House Representation/ Verbal Warning Issued
8/25/17 6:10 pm8/25/17 6:10 pm500 Block Indiana Suspicious ActivitySubjects Left Upon Officer Arrival/ Forwarded to Campus Living
8/25/17 4:49 pm8/25/17 4:49 pm407 S Jackson St.Fire AlarmAlarm System Malfunction/ Alarm Reset
8/25/17 3:36 pm8/25/17 3:36 pmCharter HouseWelfare CheckSubject Left Campus Prior to Officer Arrival
8/25/17 2:32 pm8/25/17 2:32 pmHoover Dining HallCriminal Mischief to DoorUnfounded/ Forwarded to Facilities Management