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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
4/8/17 9:37 pm4/8/17 9:37 pmLocust St.Welfare CheckSubject Located/Checked Okay
4/8/17 8:03 pm4/8/17 8:03 pmWarne HallHazard-Subject on BalconyMade Contact with Resident/Forwarded to Campus Living
4/8/17 7:29 pm4/8/17 7:29 pmPhi Kappa PsiAlcohol Violation/MedicalTransported to Hospital/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
4/8/17 6:29 pm4/8/17 6:29 pm514 S JacksonNoise-Loud MusicForwarded to Campus Living
4/8/17 2:35 am4/8/17 2:35 am514 S JacksonPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicMade Contact with Residents Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Campus Living
4/8/17 2:18 am4/8/17 2:00 am500 Block S. IndianaResidential EntryUnder Investigation
4/7/17 11:09 pm4/7/17 11:09 pmLongden HallAssist Campus Living-Welfare CheckSubjects Located/Checked Okay
4/7/17 9:00 pm4/7/17 9:00 pmNature Park LotAfter Hours ViolationSubjects Located Verbal Warning Issued/ Left Premises
4/7/17 2:09 pm4/7/17 2:09 pmSigma ChiPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicMade Contact with House Representation to Address/Forwarded to Campus Living
4/7/17 10:11 am4/7/17 Nature Park LotSuspicious ActivityNature Park Staff Checked Area/Unable to Locate Vehicle or Subject