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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
10/2/16 3:11 am10/2/16 3:11 amHogate HallFire alarmPull station, alarm reset
10/2/16 2:46 am10/2/16 2:46 amLucy Rowland HallLoud people, Houseing Policy ViolationReferred to Community Standards
10/2/16 2:07 am10/2/16 2:07 amIM FieldsPossession of marijuana and paraphernaliaReport referred to Community Standards
10/2/16 1:46 am10/2/16 1:46 amSycamore St. Assist Greencastle Police with suspicious personGreencastle Police took report
10/2/16 1:04 am10/2/16 1:04 amBR / Longden Fire LanePublic Indecency, Alcohol Violation, Minor in Consumption Referred to Community Standards and Prosecutor's Office
10/2/16 12:16 am10/2/16 12:16 amAlpha Tau OmegaHigh volume of foot trafficReferred to IFC
10/2/16 12:03 am10/2/16 12:03 amDelta UpsilonUnsecured doorContact made with House President
10/1/16 10:38 pm10/1/16 9:38 pmIndiana st. at Peeler LotWelfare check, Alcohol Violation, MedicalStudent transported to hospital by ambulance, referred to Community Standards
10/1/16 9:39 pm10/1/16 9:39 pmWalnut & LocustLoud musicMusic located, not coming from Campus building
10/1/16 8:35 pm10/1/16 8:35 pmKappa Alpha thetaFire alarmCaused by hair products, alarm reset