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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/30/17 12:01 pm9/30/17 12:01 pmReavis StadiumNoise-Loud MusicMade Contact with Event Staff to Address
9/30/17 11:51 am9/30/17 11:51 amJulian LotAssist Athletics-Tailgate Policy ViolationSubjects Located/ Verbal Warning Issued
9/30/17 3:43 am9/30/17 3:43 amKappa Alpha ThetaSafe Community Call/Alcohol ViolationTransported to Hospital/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/30/17 1:44 am9/30/17 1:44 amHogate LotWelfare CheckSubject Located/ Checked Okay
9/30/17 12:32 am9/30/17 12:32 am510 S Jackson St.Medical/Alcohol ViolationAmbulance Dispatched Patient Refused Treatment/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/30/17 12:25 am9/30/17 12:25 amDelta UpsilonPossession of Marijuana/ Possession of ParaphernaliaForwarded to Prosecutor's Office/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/29/17 11:52 pm9/29/17 11:52 pmDelta UpsilonNoise-Loud PeopleOfficer Checked Area/ Unable to Locate Source
9/29/17 9:53 pm9/29/17 9:53 pm500 Block E. Hanna St.Assist GPD-NoiseSubjects Located Source/ Checked Okay
9/29/17 4:58 pm9/29/17 4:58 pmLucy HallFire AlarmDue to Use of Air Freshener/ Alarm Reset
9/29/17 2:47 am9/29/17 2:47 amDelta Tau DeltaNoise- Loud PeopleMade Contact with House Representation/ Verbal Warning Issued