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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
5/4/17 8:57 pm5/4/17 8:57 pmAlpha Tau OmegaMedicalTransported to Hospital/ Forwarded to Student Academic Life
5/4/17 2:00 pm5/4/17 2:00 pm407 S JacksonFire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
5/4/17 10:47 am5/4/17 10:47 amAnderson St. HallFire Alarm/MaintenanceDue to Water in Lines Forwarded to Facilities Management for Repair/ Alarm Reset
5/3/17 4:26 pm5/3/17 4:26 pmCampusWelfare CheckSubject Located/ Checked Okay
5/3/17 2:03 pm5/3/17 2:03 pmIndiana/Jackson Duplex LotProperty Damage AccidentReport Filed
5/3/17 1:46 pm5/3/17 1:46 pmLocust St.Animal Control-Cat in Sewer GrateAnimal Removed Prior to Officer Arrival
5/3/17 9:34 am5/3/17 9:34 amHumbert HallFire Alarm/ Housing Policy Violation/ Failure to ComplyDue to Use of Personal Care Products Alarm Reset/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
5/3/17 2:54 am5/3/17 2:54 amOff CampusAssist GPD-Warrant ServiceGPD Took Call
5/2/17 11:30 pm5/2/17 11:30 pmPhi Gamma DeltaNoise-Loud MusicMade Contact with House Representation Verbal Warning Issued/ Forwarded to Campus Living
5/2/17 8:58 am5/2/17 8:58 amHoover Dining HallFire AlarmUnknown Cause Forwarded to Facilities Management for Repairs/ Repairs Complete Alarm Reset