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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
8/31/17 9:51 pm8/31/17 9:51 pmMason HallAssist Campus Living- Investigate for Odor of Marijuana Officer Checked Building/ Unable to Locate Source
8/31/17 8:35 pm8/31/17 8:35 pmNature ParkSuspicious PersonSubject Identified/ Checked Okay
8/31/17 6:43 pmunknown Longden Hall LotTheft from VehicleReport Filed/Closed Pending Additional Information
8/31/17 6:26 pm8/30/17 Reavis StadiumSuspicious Persons-Delayed ReportSubjects Located On Campus/ Verbal Warning Issued
8/31/17 9:47 am8/31/17 9:46 am414 S Indiana St.Fire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
8/31/17 9:39 am8/31/17 9:39 am407 S Jackson St.Fire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
8/31/17 7:16 am8/31/17 7:16 amDelta Tau DeltaFire AlarmAlarm Reset Prior to GFD and Officer Arrival/ Verbal Warning Issued
8/31/17 5:22 am8/31/17 5:22 amDelta Tau DeltaFire AlarmSmoke Detector/ False Alarm
8/31/17 3:50 am8/31/17 3:50 amPhi Kappa Psi LotTheft from VehiclesJuveniles Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office/Arrested: Thomas Edelman
8/31/17 3:02 am8/31/17 3:02 amLongden HallWelfare CheckSubject Located/ Checked Okay