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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/26/16 7:39 am9/26/16 7:39 amKappa Alpha ThetaFire alarmCaused by hair products, alarm reset
9/25/16 9:42 am9/24/16 502 S Indiana St. Theft of sheet signs Delayed reportTwo taken at different times. Report taken.
9/25/16 2:44 am9/25/16 2:44 amBishop Roberts HallFire AlarmPull station, alarm reset
9/25/16 1:08 am9/25/16 1:08 am107 W Hanna St. Hazard, Housing Policy ViolationReferred to Community Standards
9/25/16 12:37 am9/25/16 12:37 amIM FieldsSuspicious Activity3 students located, referred to Community Standards
9/25/16 12:25 am9/25/16 12:25 amBeta Theta PiLoud musicPro-active contact by IFC, two times
9/24/16 11:33 pm9/24/16 11:33 pmAlpha Tau OmegaLarge gathering of people, possible unregistered partyPro-active contact by IFC
9/24/16 10:04 pm9/24/16 10:04 pm708 Maple Ave. Assist Greencastle Police with Domestic BatteryArrest made by Greencastle Police
9/24/16 1:19 pm9/24/16 1:19 pmHumbert HallFire alarmFaulty detector head replaced, alarm reset
9/24/16 2:38 am9/24/16 2:38 amBishop Roberts HallFire AlarmPull station, alarm reset