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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
1/8/17 12:22 am1/8/17 12:22 amPhi Delta ThetaWelfare CheckMade Contact with House Representation/Subject Located Checked Okay
1/8/17 12:12 am1/8/17 12:12 am502 S. Indiana St.Noise-Loud Music/Loud PeopleForwarded to Campus Living
1/7/17 3:18 pm1/7/17 3:18 pmAnderson St. HallInvestigate for Odor of MarijuanaOfficer Checked Building/Unable to Locate Source
1/7/17 2:31 pm1/7/17 2:31 pmCampusStudent ConcernForwarded to Student Academic Life
1/7/17 11:36 am1/7/17 11:36 amCollege St HallFire AlarmDue to Steam from Shower/Alarm Reset
1/6/17 11:50 pm1/6/17 11:50 pmCollege St. @ GCPAWelfare Check/Alcohol Violation-Minor in ConsumptionReleased to Sober Monitor/Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office and Community Standards Committee
1/6/17 11:27 pm1/6/17 11:27 pmPhi Kappa PsiPro-Active Contact/Party Registration ViolationMade Contact wit House Representation Event Shut Down/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
1/6/17 9:11 pm1/6/17 9:11 pmOff CampusAssist GPD-Suspicious PersonOfficers Checked Building/Unable to Locate Subject
1/6/17 1:44 am1/6/17 1:44 amLocust/Walnut Sts.Assist GPD-Minor in ConsumptionCitation Issued by GPD/Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office and Community Standards Committee
1/5/17 1:43 pm1/5/17 1:43 pmAnderson St.Property Damage AccidentReport Filed