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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/5/17 12:56 pm9/5/17 12:56 pmPhi Kappa PsiWelfare CheckOfficer Made Contact with House/ Checked Okay
9/5/17 12:45 am9/5/17 12:45 amReese HallFire AlarmAlarm System Malfunction/ Forwarded to Facilities Management for Repair
9/4/17 6:36 pm9/3/17 508 S JacksonCriminal Mischief/Attempted Unauthorized EntryForwarded to Facilities Management for Repairs/Under Investigation
9/4/17 1:57 pm9/4/17 1:57 pmChabraja Fire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
9/4/17 12:44 am9/4/17 12:44 amHumbert HallFire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
9/3/17 2:49 pm9/3/17 2:49 pmHumbert HallHousing Policy ViolationForwarded to Campus Living
9/3/17 11:44 am9/3/17 11:44 amDelta Tau DeltaHazard-Subjects Throwing Bottles in StreetMade Contact with House Representation/ Verbal Warning Issued
9/3/17 2:05 am9/3/17 2:05 amAlpha Tau OmegaPublic IndecencyOfficer Attempted Contact with Subjects/ Verbal Warning Issued
9/3/17 1:37 am9/3/17 1:37 amDelta Tau DeltaPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud Music and PeopleForwarded to IFC to Address
9/3/17 1:29 am9/3/17 1:29 amAnderson St.Public IndecencySubject Located Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office and Community Standards Committee