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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/11/16 12:32 am9/11/16 12:32 amOff Campus - Casey's gas station Assist GPD - Domestic Violence CallGPD investigating
9/11/16 12:26 am9/11/16 12:26 amHumbert Hall Medical/Alcohol Violation Transported to PCH, referred to Community Standards
9/11/16 12:14 am9/11/16 12:14 amAnderson St. Indecent Exposure Subjects observed running home
9/11/16 12:14 am9/11/16 12:14 amAnderson St. Indecent Exposure Subjects observed running home
9/10/16 11:34 pm9/10/16 11:34 pmAlpha Tau OmegaPro-Active Contact Contacted the President, he will address people on sundeck/noise
9/10/16 11:32 pm9/10/16 11:31 pmDellsPossession of ParaphernaliaOne citation issued for Possession of paraphernalia
9/10/16 11:21 pm9/10/16 11:21 pmPhi Gamma DeltaPro-Active Contact - NoiseSpoke with President, he will address
9/10/16 9:31 pm9/10/16 9:31 pm410 S. Indiana Fire Alarm Due to Cooking, alarm reset
9/10/16 3:48 pm9/10/16 3:48 pmBlackstock Parking LotMedical/Alcohol Violation Transported to PCH; cited for Public Intoxication and Minor in Consumption, referred to Community Standards
9/10/16 12:02 pm9/10/16 12:02 pmAlpha Tau OmegaParty Registration Violation Contacted President to disperse guests; referred to Community Standards
9/10/16 1:30 am9/10/16 1:30 amHumbert Hall Suspicious Activity - Unknown subject knocking on doors, saying he is Public Safety then running awayOfficers in the building, unable to locate
9/10/16 12:30 am9/10/16 12:30 amFire Alarm Smoke Detector/Cooking; alarm reset
9/10/16 12:18 am9/10/16 12:18 amMason Hall Medical/Alcohol Violation - Minor in Consumption Transported to PCH; later released
9/10/16 12:11 am9/10/16 12:11 amFire Alarm Fire AlarmPull Station/False Alarm - Alarm Reset
9/10/16 12:06 am9/10/16 12:06 amLongden Hall Alcohol Violation - Minor in Consumption Referred to Community Standards
9/9/16 11:52 pm9/9/16 11:52 pmLongden Hall Fire Alarm Pull Station/False Alarm; Pull station damaged, alarm reset
9/9/16 10:47 pm9/9/16 10:47 pmHumbert Hall Alcohol Violation - RA called for CLCDDocumented for Community Standards
9/9/16 5:32 pm9/1/16 101 E Seminary - Public Safety Office Suspicious Activity - staff member reported information from social media of an incident on campus; identified student involved; student stated she was followed on campus on 9-1-16. Unknown subject, dressed in nice clothes, likely a student according to the witness, left the area after student entered their residence.
9/9/16 11:59 am9/9/16 11:59 am109 W Hanna #1Fire AlarmDue to Cooking; alarm reset
9/9/16 11:54 am9/8/16 Facilities Grounds Building BurglarySeveral tools, small engine tools taken from building after hours
9/9/16 1:27 am9/9/16 1:27 amBeta Theta Pi Fire AlarmPull Station/False Alarm; alarm reset
9/9/16 12:30 am9/9/16 12:30 amAlpha Tau OmegaPro Active Contact - NoiseContacted President, he will address the noise
9/8/16 11:40 pm9/8/16 11:40 pmMason Hall Dating Violence/AltercationParties separated, No contact order issued to both parties
9/8/16 11:32 pm9/8/16 11:32 pmBeta Theta Pi Pro Active Contact - NoiseMade contact with President, he will address the noise
9/8/16 6:27 pmunknown GPDAssist, student reported to GPD having received a scam type call requesting moneyGPD will make report
9/8/16 1:32 pmunknown Inn at DePauw Guest LotProperty Damage AccidentReport taken
9/8/16 7:59 am9/8/16 7:00 amSenior HallAlcohol Violation, MedicalTransported to hospital, referred to Community Standards
9/8/16 3:32 am9/8/16 3:32 am700 Block S. CollegeMedicalAmbulance called, checked and signed release form
9/7/16 11:04 pm9/7/16 11:04 pmPhi Gamma DeltaLoud musicPro active contact made by Officer
9/7/16 10:43 pm9/7/16 10:43 pmHogate HallAlcohol ViolationsReferred to Community Standards