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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
8/2/17 9:55 am8/2/17 9:55 amDelta UpsilonFire AlarmAlarm System Malfunction/ Made Contact with House Representation for Repairs
8/2/17 6:47 am8/2/17 6:47 amDelta UpsilonFire AlarmAlarm System Malfunction Due to Storm/Alarm Reset Notified House Representation
8/2/17 4:39 am8/2/17 4:39 amJackson St.Welfare CheckMade Contact with Subject/Checked Okay
8/2/17 2:16 am8/2/17 2:16 amHoover HallSuspicious PersonSubject Left Prior to Officer Arrival/ Officer Checked Area Unable to Locate Subject
8/2/17 1:27 am8/2/17 1:27 amDelta UpsilonFire AlarmDue to Storm/ Alarm Reset
8/1/17 5:12 pm8/1/17 Olin LotTheft from VehicleUnfounded/Item Located After Falling Out of Truck Bed
8/1/17 5:12 am8/1/17 5:12 amHanna/Jackson St.Suspicious VehicleSubject Located/ Checked Okay
7/31/17 9:41 pm7/31/17 9:41 pmService Center Intrusion AlarmOfficer Checked Building/ Checked Secure
7/31/17 12:02 pm7/31/17 Nature Park Manning LabSuspicious PersonOfficer Checked Area/ Unable to Locate Subject
7/31/17 11:55 am7/31/17 11:55 amOff CampusAssist GPD-Threats/IntimidationGPD Took Call