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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/9/17 10:19 pm9/9/17 10:19 pmLongden HallNoise-Loud PeopleForwarded to Campus Living
9/9/17 10:10 pm9/9/17 10:10 pmMontgomery HallNoise-Loud PeopleForwarded to Campus Living
9/9/17 10:00 pm9/9/17 10:00 pmLongden HallAlcohol Violation-Minor in ConsumptionReleased to Sober Monitor by Campus Living/ Forwarded to Community Standards by Campus Living
9/9/17 7:40 pm9/9/17 7:40 pmLucy HallFire AlarmCooking/ Alarm Reset
9/9/17 5:12 pm9/9/17 5:10 pmRector VillageCriminal Mischief to BikeOfficer Checked Area Unable to Locate Subjects/ Report Filed Closed Pending Additional Information
9/9/17 4:55 pm9/9/17 4:55 pmLongden HallAlcohol Violations-Minors in ConsumptionOne Transported to Hospital One Released to Sober Monitor/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/9/17 12:18 pm9/9/17 12:18 pmOff CampusAssist GPD-MedicalAmbulance Dispatched/ Patient Refused Treatment
9/9/17 3:38 am9/9/17 3:38 amLocust St.Minor in ConsumptionTransported to Hospital/ Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office and Community Standards Committee
9/9/17 1:16 am9/9/17 1:16 amDelta Tau DeltaNoise-Loud MusicOfficer Checked Area/ Unable to Locate
9/8/17 11:27 pm9/8/17 11:27 pmCollege St. HallNoise- Loud MusicForwarded to Campus Living