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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
5/22/17 7:36 am5/22/17 7:36 amJulianRecovered PropertyOwner Notified
5/22/17 1:54 am5/22/17 1:54 amDelta Tau DeltaFire/Noise-Loud PeopleGFD Dispatched Fire Extinguished/ Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
5/22/17 12:30 am5/22/17 12:30 amBeta Theta PiHazard-Subjects on Roof of ShedMade Contact with House Representation/ Verbal Warning Issued
5/22/17 12:30 am5/22/17 12:30 amSigma ChiNoise-Loud MusicMade Contact with House Representation/ Verbal Warning Issued
5/21/17 11:53 pm5/21/17 11:53 pmAlpha Tau OmegaNoise-Loud MusicMade Contact with House Representation/Verbal Warning Issued
5/21/17 11:18 pm5/21/17 11:18 pmPhi Kappa PsiNoise/Failure to ComplyForwarded to Community Standards Committee
5/21/17 9:44 pmunknown Prindle EntranceProperty Damage to GateReport Filed/ Closed Pending Additional Information
5/21/17 7:14 pmunknown Phi Kappa PsiTheft of Wheelchair-UnsecuredReport Filed/Forwarded to Student Academic Life
5/21/17 5:17 pm5/21/17 5:17 pmBlackstock LotWelfare CheckSubject Located/ Checked Okay
5/21/17 8:31 am5/21/17 8:31 amBishop RobertsFire AlarmSmoke Detector Malfunction/ Alarm Reset