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Building Security

Controlling Access to University buildings

The University Facilities Management staff maintains University buildings and grounds with a concern for safety and security. Inspection of campus facilities and lighting systems are routinely conducted in an effort to identify and reconcile problems and hazards. Public Safety personnel assist with problem identification while making regular security checks of academic and administrative buildings, including campus residence halls.

Facilities Management personnel are also responsible for locking and unlocking most of the academic and administration facilities on campus at designated times. With the exception of residence halls, most university facilities are open to the public when classes are in session. During the times that the university is officially closed, buildings are locked and only faculty, staff and authorized students with proper identification are admitted. Residence halls are locked 24 hours each day.

Public Safety officers patrol the perimeters and common areas with special emphasis during evening and nighttime hours. Campus Living and Community Development, Information Services and Public Safety maintain electronic access/key control procedures. Access for non-residents is on an as needed basis. Public Safety is committed to working closely with Campus Living and Community Development staff in addressing safety and security issues within the residence halls.