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Safe Ride & Safety Escorts

A safe way to get around campus

Safe Ride

  • The DePauw University Safe Ride Program was designed as a safe means of transportation on campus after dark. The Staff are trained to observe occupants for safety concerns, including excessive intoxication. If a rider exhibits signs of excessive intoxication, Public Safety Officers will be called to check on the person's condition and seek medical care if necessary. Public Safety Officers will determine the best resolution to the given situation, which may include finding a sober monitor and/or a referral to Community Standards.

  • Operating hours are 9:00 p.m-2:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 9 p.m.-3:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

  • Safe Rides may be arranged by calling (765) 658-5961 or x.5961 from any campus phone, which will be answered in the van by a student worker.

  • Please call after you are ready to depart as you must be ready when Safe Ride arrives to ensure we serve the maximum number of transport requests.

  • Safe Ride cannot take you next door or around the corner and is not designed to transport a large group of people traveling together from one location to another.This type of request hinders the usage by others that want or need to use the shuttle service as a safe ride.

  • Everyone cannot be served at once, creating the need to manage our call volume by limiting our requests to 4 at a time. The phone is turned off to allow our requests to be served and the van emptied. 

  • Please call as needed but do not rapid dial as that function delays incoming calls while we attempt to answer the phone.

Requests from the Safe Ride Staff….

  • Please call for service as we can not stop when being flagged down.

    Should you become ill, immediately inform the driver and allow them the opportunity to take appropriate action.

  • Show proper respect for fellow Safe Ride users and staff.

  • Closed plastic bottles are permitted but please do not bring any other drinks aboard, and please take your trash with you.

Safety Escorts

In the event that the Safe Ride Van is not running or has a wait time, students always have the option to call upon Public Safety for a Safety Escort. Students may contact the department by utilizing one of the 42 emergency/convenience phones located throughout campus, by dialing (765) 658-5555, or stopping by the office of Public Safety located in the lower level of 101 E. Seminary St. An officer or student security officer will meet and escort you from one location on campus to another. The escort may be either on foot or in a police vehicle.