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Academic Programs and Courses

The courses listed on the program pages to the left are being offered this fall, have openings, and are appropriate for first-year students. Most of the courses listed are 100-level, which means they are designed for students just starting to explore the field. There are some 200- and 300-level courses. These may be appropriate for you if you have a strong interest and some background in the field. Some do have prerequisites, though. Be sure to read the course descriptions to make sure you're eligible and that the course is right for you. There is also a list of courses with descriptions available in the Academic Life section.

Making Course Requests

The first stage of course requests is requesting a first-year seminar between May 2 - June 24. You will be asked to list eight first-year seminars that look interesting to you. Students in the Honor Scholar Program will be assigned a seminar.  You will find out your first-seminar in your portal in e-Services on July 7.

The rest of your schedule will be created during course registration on campus in August. At that time, students select 10-15 courses from among the courses available for first-year students. Full-time DePauw students may take between 3.0 and 4.5 course credits each semester. A typical course is 1.0 course credits and a typical semester load is 4.0 course credits. In your first semester, one of these courses will be the First-Year Seminar, which counts as 1.0 course credits.

Students in the School of Music will be assigned to the first semester of music theory and musicianship, MUS 111 and MUS 121, and .5 course credits of lessons in their primary instrument. Students interested in the Bachelor of Music Education degree (BME) will have other assigned courses and vocalists will be assigned to a .5 credit diction course. Depending on the degree path and instrument, School of Music students will be pre-enrolled in between 1.5 and 3.0 course credits before they arrive on campus.  Course registration in August will be for elective courses.