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Asian Studies

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The University offers a broad range of courses dealing with Indian, Chinese and Japanese cultures. The Asian Studies Committee, headed by the director of Asian Studies, oversees both a major in East Asian Studies and a minor in Asian Studies. Students with a special interest in Asia are urged to take advantage of opportunities to study, either for a term or a full academic year, in India, China or Japan. Graduates of the Asian studies program typically go on to employment in business and education or enter professional and graduate schools.

In addition to a major in East Asian Studies and a minor in Asian Studies, a minor in Japanese language is offered. Consult the Modern Languages section of the catalog.

The Asian Studies Committee periodically reviews the list of courses that may be applied to both the East Asian Studies major and the Asian Studies minor.

Courses in Asian Studies

ASIA 281A Traditional Japanese Literature. (1 course, Arts and Humanities)

ASIA 290A Topics: From Confucius to Kung-Fu. (1 course)

Other Asian Studies Courses

ARTH 135A East Asian Art Survey II
HIST 100A Historical Encounters: East Meets Wests: Hu Shi
HIST 107 Intro to China & Japan
HIST 252 US-East Asian Relations
JAPN 151 Elementary Japanese I
JAPN 251 Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 351 Advanced Japanese I
CHIN 161 Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 261 Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 361 Advanced Chinese I
REL 130E Intro to Religions (Asian)