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Conflict Studies

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Conflict Studies is a major that brings together a number of academic disciplines that focus on conflict as one of their organizing concepts. Because of its ubiquity and significance in human life, the study of the process and resolution of conflict is increasingly claiming a central place in the study of development in general and peaceful change in particular.

Courses in Conflict Studies

CFT 100 Introduction to Conflict Studies. (1 course, Social Science)
This course surveys the process of conflict, including conflict management, from a multidisciplinary perspective. As such, it deals with the causes, dynamics, types, levels, management functions and outcomes of conflict. The implementation of the course involves, in part, case-study simulations and occasional guest lecturers from various disciplines on campus. This course is a prerequisite for upper-level courses in conflict studies and required for the conflict studies major and minor.

Other Courses in Conflict Studies

COMM 223 Public Comm&Controversy
HIST 109 African Civilizations
HIST 263 Founding US Civilization
HIST 265 20th-Century U.S.
POLS 130 Political Theory
POLS 170 International Politics
S&A 151 Human Cultures
W S 140 Intro to Women's Studies