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Education Studies

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The Department of Education Studies is a unit that oversees two programs: a four-year liberal arts program in Education Studies and the Music Education program leading to initial licensure.

Undergraduate Non-licensure Programs in Education Studies

The four-year non-licensure Education Studies program focuses on education as discipline within the liberal arts. Courses in Education Studies investigate topics within the sociology of education, the political economy of education systems, theories of learning and development, as well as cultural, historical and philosophical studies in education. Both a major and minor in Education Studies are offered, as outlined below.

Music Education Program

The Music Education program is offered by the School of Music. Application and admission to the Music Education program must de directed to the DePauw School of Music. Candidates eligible for licensure are nominated by the School of Music. The Department of Education Studies is the unit responsible for recommending these candidates for Indiana State licensure.

Courses in Education Studies

EDUC 170 Foundations of the Education. (1 course , Social Science)
(includes field experience) Establishes a liberal arts foundation for teacher preparation with an emphasis on community/school relationships. Explores major philosophical, historical, and sociological points of view in contemporary American education and their influence on educational decisions and systems. Field experience is required, and students should register for lab time concurrently. May not be taken pass/fail.

EDUC 290 Topics: Banned Books (1 course)