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The study of mathematics encourages the development of skills in analytical thinking and problem solving that have wide applicability. Students who graduate with a major in the department have continued their educations in fields as disparate as mathematics, computer science, physics, operations research, law, business, music, religion, dentistry and medicine; others have accepted employment in a wide variety of occupations. The department has a long tradition of successfully preparing students for the actuarial profession.

A major and minor is offered in Mathematics and a major in Actuarial Science. The basic sequence of courses for Mathematics majors is MATH 151, 152, 223, 251 and 270. For Actuarial Science the core courses include MATH 151, MATH 152 and ECON 100. Advanced placement and credit can be granted for satisfactory performance on national or departmental examinations.

Courses in Mathematics

MATH 123 Computational Discrete Mathematics. (1 course, Science and Math)
An introduction to the concepts of discrete mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving and computation. Topics are selected from Boolean algebra, combinatorics, functions, graph theory, matrix algebra, number theory, probability, relations and set theory. This course may have a laboratory component.

MATH 135 Calculus with Review I. (1 course)

MATH 141 Stats for Professionals. (1 course, Science and Mathematics)

MATH 151 Calculus I. (1 course, Science and Math)
A study of functions, limits, continuity, differentiation and integration of algebraic and transcendental functions with elementary applications.

MATH 152 Calculus II. (1 course, Science and Math)
Techniques of integration, parametric equations, infinite series and an introduction to the calculus of several variables. Prerequisite: MATH 136 or MATH 151.

MATH 251 Calculus III. (1 course, Science and Math)
An introduction to the calculus of several variables. Topics include vectors and solid analytic geometry, multidimensional differentiation and integration, and a selection of applications. Prerequisite: MATH 152.