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Music (CLA)

Students in the Asbury College of Liberal Arts may earn a Music major for the Bachelor of Arts degree through the School of Music. The Music (CLA) major is not available to School of Music students, including those in the dual degree program. Students in the College of Liberal Arts who are majoring in disciplines other than music may complete a minor in either applied music or instrumental jazz studies. The completion of a successful audition is required before a student can be certified as a minor. School of Music students may complete the minor in instrumental jazz studies.

CLA students may take courses in music, including class and individual lessons, and enroll in performing ensembles. Registration for these music courses and activities is on Tuesday of orientation week, following the auditions on Monday. Contact the School of Music if you are interested in participating.

Courses in Music for CLA Students

MUS 100 Fundamentals of Music Theory (1 course, Arts and Humanities)
A basic course that enables the non-music major to understand the manner in which the elements of music are constructed and combined in order to form a coherent musical expression. Not open to students in the School of Music. 

MUS 102 Music Appreciation (1 course, Arts and Humanities)

A non-technical course designed to give the layman an overview of the development of Western art music, including its major composers, styles and genres. Includes an introduction to the instruments of the orchestra and commonly used musical terms. Required readings, directed listening assignments, required concert attendance. Not open to students in the School of Music.