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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes approached from physiological, cognitive, behavioral, social and applied perspectives. Majors in Psychology receive training in the scientific approach as it has been applied to the study of such topics as: brain function, perception, learning, motivation, memory, development, social influence, attitudes, organizational behavior and mental disorders and treatments. Understanding how these topics have been investigated scientifically requires the development of critical thinking skills, quantitative reasoning skills, and speaking and writing abilities necessary to communicate research knowledge to others, as well as an appreciation for the ethical issues involved in dealing with colleagues, clients and subjects. Although these skills are developed throughout the Psychology curriculum, demonstrated competence in the Statistics and Research Methods courses is essential. Psychology majors have gone on to successful careers in research, counseling and teaching, as well as such fields as medicine, business, journalism and law. A major and a minor are offered in Psychology. PSY 100 is a prerequisite for all courses in the department.

Courses in Psychology 

PSY 100 Introductory Psychology (1 course, Science and Math)

This course is a thorough survey of the major areas and approaches in psychology. As a discipline, psychology examines how humans and other organisms develop, function and adapt, including such topics as: how the brain and nervous system function; how we sense and perceive information from our environment; how we learn, remember, think about and interact with the world and each other; how we change during development from birth to old age; why we are motivated to act as we do; the factors that make each of us distinct individuals; what causes psychological disorders; and how those disorders are treated. The course places particular emphasis on scientific methodologies within the discipline. This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the psychology department.