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2017-2018 Interfaith Internship Application

Interfaith Interns are leaders in our campus community who spend a year learning interfaith dialogue by experiencing interfaith engagement firsthand.  After their Intern year these students become members of Interfaith Council.  The best candidates for this internship are energetic, creative, dedicated DePauw students who are interested in promoting positive interfaith interactions on our campus.  

As an Intern you represent your own faith tradition/belief system in your group, visit the worship community of each member of the group and share your experience in building interfaith community with the campus in an end of year presentation/project designed by the interns.  When your intern year is over you become a member of the Interfaith Council. You are not expected to know everything about your tradition, but you are expected to be willing to share what you do know and willing to learn about the things you don't know yet.

The Interfaith Internship team consists of 6-10 Interns and the Lead Intern(s) (these are students who completed the program the previous year and have agreed to stay on for an additional year to provide support to the new team).  

We hope that you are as excited about this opportunity as we are!

Kate Smanik - Assistant Dean of Students for Spirituality, Service and Social Justice

Yolanda Maung – 2016-2017 Lead Interfaith Intern

Kainat Akmal - 2016-2017 Interfaith Council President

This program is a yearlong internship program.  Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Current DePauw University Student

  • Priority is given to students who are available to serve as an intern on campus for the entire academic year  

  • Participants are expected to attend an Intern Training Retreat in the Fall and the Intercultural Leadership Conference in the Spring

  • Willingness to dedicate approximately 4 hours per week to the internship program