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Shuttle Service to Indianapolis

Space on a shuttle is limited. Please remember to allow one hour for shuttle transportation to the airport, plus 90-120 minutes for check-in and security clearance once you reach the airport. 

Shuttles are only available during dates/times listed on the shuttle schedule. For transportation during other dates please visit the Transportation page.

Shuttle Reservation

Reservation requests can be made online here.


Shuttle service is $30.00 one way, $60.00 round trip, $50.00 one way for reservations made less than ten days in advance, charged directly to the student's account in the business office at the time the reservation is made, payable in the Cash Receipts Office. Shuttle reservations are non-refundable, but they are transferable; an unused reservation may be used within one calendar year. 

Students must make their own shuttle reservations online, at least ten days in advance of travel;  have your DePauw Student ID and all travel details ready, including Airline or Bus Carrier name, Flight number, and Arrival or Departure Times, when making a reservation.  Continuing service to the Indianapolis bus and train station is available, with advanced notice. Please indicate your need for this option when you purchase your reservation(s). 

To avoid confusion with unplanned charges, we require each student to make their own shuttle reservation, instead of asking friends or family members to contact our office. Please direct any shuttle questions to or call 765-658-4270.


When departing from the Union Building, the vehicle will arrive to load baggage fifteen (15) minutes prior to departure. Departure is PROMPTLY at the times listed; shuttles are not "held" for late passengers. 

*Miss the reservation deadline? Students can board the shuttle leaving DePauw if seats are available, on a first-come-first served basis. The driver will record your student i.d. number and name. The $50 fee will be charged to your student account. 


When using the shuttle to leave the Airport, the driver will stop to load passengers at the Ground Transportation Hub, near the area marked "Zone 1 - Charter Buses." Because of security regulations, it is important that passengers be waiting OUTSIDE the Ground Transportation Hub ten (10) to twenty (20) minutes prior to departure, as the driver is allowed to stop the vehicle ONLY when passengers are loading. When making return reservations on the shuttle, be mindful to allow time for the aircraft to taxi to the terminal and baggage to be collected; shuttles will not be "held" for late passengers. If a passenger misses a scheduled shuttle due to a flight delay, the passenger should contact the DePauw Public Safety Dispatcher at 765-658-5555 to request a later shuttle that day. Passengers who miss the last shuttle offered that day are responsible for arranging alternate transportation, such as a taxi.


Shuttle service may be cancelled if there are no reservations made ten days prior to travel. Please consult this website for the most recent updates to the schedule. Contact Student Life at (765) 658-4270 if you have questions.