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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
5/17/15 3:22 am5/17/15 3:22 amOff CampusAssist GPD-Operating a Motor Vehicle While IntoxicatedSubject Arrested by GPD
5/17/15 2:47 am5/17/15 2:47 amLongdenDomestic DisturbanceSubjects Separated Upon Officer Arrival/Verbal Warning Issued
5/17/15 2:22 am5/17/15 2:22 amHogate LotAlcohol ViolationReleased to Custody of Friend/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
5/17/15 1:09 am5/17/15 1:09 am500 Block S Indiana StCivil Disturbance/NoiseSubjects Separated Upon Officer Arrival Verbal Warning Issued/Subjects Returned to Residences
5/16/15 11:38 pm5/16/15 11:38 pmSigma ChiPro-Active Contact-Loud Music/Hazard-Subjects on RoofMade Contact with House Representation Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Organizational Review
5/16/15 11:15 pm5/16/15 11:15 pmOff CampusReckless DrivingSubject Located/Verbal Warning Issued
5/16/15 10:16 pm5/16/15 10:16 pmOff CampusAssist GPD-Building CheckGPD Took Call
5/16/15 8:49 pm5/16/15 8:49 pmBeta Theta PiFire AlarmSteam from Shower/Alarm Reset
5/16/15 4:34 pm5/16/15 4:34 pmOff CampusAssist GPD-Attempted BurglaryGPD Took Call
5/16/15 3:45 pm5/16/15 3:45 pm414 S IndianaFire AlarmDue to Leak Forwarded to Facilities Management and Campus Living/Alarm Reset