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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
2/5/15 6:08 amunknown Bishop RobertsCriminal Mischief to WindowClosed Pending Additional Information
2/5/15 3:08 am2/5/15 3:08 amNature Park DriveSuspicious Vehicle/After Hours ViolationSubjects Located Verbal Warning Issued/Left Premises
2/5/15 12:56 am2/5/15 College St HallCriminal Mischief to SculptureSubject Located/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/4/15 9:18 pm2/4/15 9:18 pmCoan Apts.Possession of ParaphernaliaForwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/4/15 4:39 pmunknown HumbertTheft of Speakers/PenClosed Pending Additional Information
2/3/15 3:51 pm2/3/15 3:51 pmLucyInvestigate for OdorForwarded to Campus Living
2/3/15 11:59 amunknown Facilities Management AnnexCriminal Mischief to EquipmentClosed Pending Additional Information
2/3/15 12:06 am2/3/15 12:06 am407 S JacksonAlcohol ViolationReleased to Custody of Friend/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/2/15 11:38 pm2/2/15 11:38 pm402 S Indiana StParty Registration ViolationEvent Shut Down/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/2/15 5:00 pm2/2/15 5:00 pmHogateWelfare CheckForwarded to Campus Living/Subject Located Checked Okay
2/2/15 3:05 pmunknown Tennis & TrackTheft of Laptop AccessoriesClosed Pending Additional Information
2/2/15 12:37 am2/2/15 12:37 am109 W. Hanna #4Fire Alarm/Housing Policy ViolationCandle Extinguished/Alarm Reset