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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
2/1/15 1:01 am2/1/15 1:01 amAlpha Chi OmegaHarassment/Public IndecencyResponsible Parties Identified/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/1/15 12:54 am2/1/15 12:54 am514 S JacksonPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud Music/Loud PeopleMade Contact with Residents Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Organization Review
2/1/15 12:43 am2/1/15 12:43 am308 S IndianaAlcohol Violation/Welfare CheckTransported to Hospital/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/1/15 12:27 am2/1/15 12:27 amWalnut/Gillespie Sts.Traffic Stop-Driving While SuspendedCitation Issued/Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office
1/31/15 11:54 pm1/31/15 11:54 pmEast College LawnSuspicious ActivitySubjects Located/Checked Okay
1/31/15 11:44 pm1/31/15 11:44 pmDelta UpsilonNoise-Loud PeopleOfficer Checked Area Checked Okay/Forwarded to Organizational Review
1/31/15 11:20 pm1/31/15 11:20 pmPhi Delta ThetaPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud PeopleMade Contact with House Representation Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to CLCD
1/31/15 7:45 pmunknown HogateTheft of Bicycle-SecuredClosed Pending Additional Information
1/31/15 6:13 pm1/31/15 Washington St.Theft of Bicycle-UnsecuredClosed Pending Additional Information
1/31/15 4:50 pmunknown Delta GammaProperty Damage to FenceClosed Pending Additional Information
1/31/15 2:04 pm1/31/15 2:04 pmHumbertPossession of Paraphernalia/Housing Policy ViolationForwarded to Prosecutor's Office/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
1/31/15 3:54 am1/31/15 3:54 amSigma NuWelfare CheckSubject Located/Checked Okay
1/30/15 1:14 am1/30/15 1:14 amBloomington/Anderson StsTraffic StopCitation Issued/Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office