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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
5/9/15 10:15 pm5/9/15 10:15 pmOlinSuspicious ActivityOfficer Checked Area/Unable to Locate Subjects
5/9/15 7:27 pm5/9/15 7:27 pm414 S Indiana St.Fire AlarmCooking/Alarm Reset
5/9/15 2:16 pm5/9/15 2:16 pmAlpha Phi Hazard-Subjects on RoofOfficer Checked Area/Unable to Locate Subjects
5/9/15 12:52 pm5/9/15 12:52 pm107 W Hanna St.Fire AlarmCooking/Alarm Reset
5/9/15 1:04 am5/9/15 1:04 amDelta Tau DeltaPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicForwarded to IFC to Address/Forwarded to Campus Living
5/8/15 11:22 pm5/8/15 11:22 pmNature Park/Prindle GateSuspicious ActivitySubjects Located Verbal Warning Issued/Left Premises
5/8/15 10:28 pm5/8/15 Bloomington/Washington Sts.Property Damage Accident-Delayed ReportClosed Pending Additional Information/Report Filed
5/8/15 4:31 pm5/8/15 4:31 pmMasonFire-Laptop Battery FireExtinguished Prior to Arrival Alarm Reset/Forwarded to Facilities Management and Campus Living
5/8/15 2:19 pm5/8/15 2:19 pmInn at DePauwPossession of False IDSubject Left Prior to Officer Arrival/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
5/8/15 2:04 pm5/8/15 2:04 pmSAEPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicLeft Message for House Representation to Address/Forwarded to Campus Living