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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
5/16/15 2:37 am5/16/15 2:37 amOff CampusTraffic StopCitation Issued/Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office
5/16/15 2:02 am5/16/15 2:02 amSouth QuadTrespass-Subjects in DumpstersSubject Located Verbal Warning Issued/Left Premises
5/16/15 12:11 am5/16/15 12:11 amSigma ChiPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicMade Contact with House Representation Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Campus Living
5/15/15 11:56 pm5/15/15 11:56 pmAnderson St.Pro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicMade Contact with Subjects/Verbal Warning Issued
5/15/15 7:50 pm5/15/15 7:50 pmLeisMedicalPatient Refused Ambulance/Transported to Hospital in Personal Vehicle
5/15/15 7:03 pm5/15/15 7:03 pmHolton QuadMischief to Stage/ChairsOfficer Checked Area Unable to Locate Subjects/No Damage Located
5/15/15 5:23 pm5/15/15 5:23 pm414 S IndianaFire AlarmDue to Leak Forwarded to Facilities Management and Campus Living/Alarm Reset
5/15/15 3:54 pm5/15/15 3:54 pmBlackstockTrash DumpingOfficer Checked Area Unable to Locate Subjects/Forwarded to Facilities Management
5/15/15 1:54 pmunknown GCPA (outside)Suspicious ArticleRecovered/Disposed Of
5/15/15 10:37 am5/15/15 10:24 amPhi Kappa PsiCriminal Mischief to VehicleForwarded to Community Standards Committee