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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
4/30/15 9:53 pm4/30/15 9:53 pmKappa Kappa GammaFire AlarmHair Care Products Alarm Reset Prior to Officer Arrival/Forwarded to Campus Living
4/30/15 5:59 pm4/30/15 5:59 pmBlackstockWelfare CheckSubject Located/Checked Okay
4/30/15 3:33 pm4/30/15 3:33 pmSigma ChiFire Alarm/Fire Safety ViolationsSmoke Cause by Overloaded Washing Machine Alarm Reset/Forwarded to Campus Living
4/30/15 12:57 pm4/30/15 12:57 pmHumbertFire Alarm/Housing Policy ViolationsDue to Hair Care Appliance Left Unattended Alarm Reset/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
4/30/15 11:48 am4/29/15 3:15 pm414 S IndianaSuspicious Person-Delayed ReportSubject Identified/Forwarded to Putnam County Sheriff's Office for Follow Up
4/30/15 1:53 am4/30/15 1:53 amHogate (outside)Failure to ComplyReleased/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
4/30/15 12:12 am4/30/15 12:12 amAlpha Chi OmegaInvestigate for Odor of GasOfficer Checked Building/Unable to Locate Odor
4/29/15 11:54 pm4/29/15 11:54 pmLongden Fire LaneAlcohol Violation/Welfare CheckReleased to Custody of Friend/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
4/29/15 11:25 pm4/29/15 11:25 pmKappa Alpha ThetaFire AlarmSmoke Detector/False Alarm
4/29/15 6:55 pm4/29/15 HumbertCriminal Mischief to SignClosed Pending Additional Information/Forwarded to Facilities Management