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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
1/29/13 7:25 am1/29/13 7:25 amBloomington St HallAnimal ControlForwarded to Facilities Management
1/28/13 2:06 pm1/25/13 Alumni OfficeCriminal Mischief to LightDelayed Report/Forwarded to Facilities Management
1/28/13 1:13 pm1/20/13 Delta ZetaCriminal Mischief to WindowDelayed Report/Pending
1/27/13 11:47 am1/27/13 11:47 am107 W Hanna Fire AlarmCooking/Alarm Reset
1/27/13 11:12 am1/27/13 Alpha Chi Omega LotCriminal Mischief to VehicleReport Filed/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
1/27/13 3:08 am1/27/13 3:08 amOff CampusAssist GPD-Attempt to Locate SubjectSubject Located/GPD Took Call
1/27/13 2:52 am1/27/13 2:52 amSenior Hall LotAlcohol ViolationsReleased to Custody of Friends/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
1/27/13 1:37 am1/27/13 1:37 amUnion BuildingAlcohol ViolationReleased to Custody of Friend/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
1/27/13 1:01 am1/27/13 1:01 am800 Block Crown StAssist GPD-Attempt to Locate VehicleGPD Took Call
1/26/13 10:46 pm1/26/13 10:46 pmHogatePossession of ParaphernaliForwarded to Community Standards Committee