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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
4/19/15 6:42 pm4/19/15 6:42 pmLongdenTheft of PaddleReturned to Owner
4/19/15 8:07 am4/19/15 8:07 amDelta Tau DeltaNoise-Loud MusicLeft Message with House Representation Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Organizational Review
4/19/15 7:09 am4/19/15 7:09 amHogate HallCriminal Mischief to Door/Alcohol Violation/Welfare CheckJuvenile Released to Custody of Parent/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
4/19/15 1:51 am4/19/15 1:51 amATOFire AlarmDue to Subject Smoking Alarm Reset/Forwarded to Campus Living
4/19/15 1:18 am4/19/15 1:18 amWalnut/Bloomington Sts.Alcohol Violation/Criminal Mischief to MailboxReleased to Custody of Friend/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
4/19/15 1:16 am4/19/15 1:16 amATOPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicForwarded to IFC to Address/Forwarded to Campus Living
4/19/15 12:20 am4/19/15 12:20 amCollege StPublic Intoxication/Failure to IdentifyArrested: Zachary Anthony Dumezich (non student)
4/18/15 11:39 pm4/18/15 11:39 pmDelta UpsilonSafe Community Call-Public Intoxication/Resisting Law EnforcementArrested: Colin Allen Brown (non student)
4/18/15 10:18 pm4/18/15 10:18 pmATOWelfare CheckForwarded to House Representation/Unable to Locate Subject
4/18/15 7:34 pm4/18/15 7:34 pmPhi Kappa PsiSafe Community Call/Alcohol ViolationTransported to Hospital/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee