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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
9/26/15 12:40 am9/26/15 12:40 amPhi Delta ThetaPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicForwarded to IFC to Address/Forwarded to Campus Living
9/25/15 11:47 pm9/25/15 11:47 pm405 S Jackson St.Pro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud PeopleForwarded to Campus Living
9/25/15 11:35 pm9/25/15 11:35 pm500 S Jackson St.Pro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud PeopleMade Contact with Residents Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Campus Living
9/25/15 10:40 pm9/25/15 10:40 pmHumbert HallNoise- Loud PeopleForwarded to Campus Living
9/25/15 9:47 am9/25/15 9:47 amAdministration LotHazard-Fuel SpillGFD Dispatched/Clean Up Conducted
9/25/15 9:42 am9/25/15 9:42 amHumbertFire Alarm/Housing Policy ViolationDue to Hair Care Products Alarm Reset/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
9/25/15 1:31 am9/25/15 1:31 amDelta Tau Delta LawnPublic IndecencyLeft Message for House Representation to Address/Forwarded to Campus Living
9/24/15 11:40 pm9/24/15 11:40 pm510 S Jackson St.MedicalTransported to Hospital/Forwarded to Student Life
9/24/15 11:54 am9/24/15 11:54 amLocust St.Suspicious ActivitySubject Located/Left Premises
9/24/15 10:38 am9/24/15 10:38 amHarrison HallSolicitorSubject Located Verbal Warning Issued/Left Campus