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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
8/17/15 7:15 am8/17/15 7:15 amOff CampusAssist GPD-Welfare CheckSubject Transported to Hospital by GPD
8/16/15 11:07 pm8/16/15 11:07 pmAnderson St HallAssist Campus Living-Investigate for Odor of Marijuana & Loud MusicOfficer Checked Building/Unable to Locate Source
8/16/15 2:20 pm8/16/15 2:20 pmWalnut St. at Nature Park EntranceAssist GPD-Disabled VehicleGPD Took Call
8/16/15 8:15 amunknown Bloomington St. HallCriminal Mischief to Dumpsters/Hate Crime-Motivated by Bias/ReligionReport Filed/Forwarded to Facilities Management for Cleaning
8/15/15 8:14 am8/15/15 8:14 amLocust St.Suspicious Vehicle/PersonSubject Located/Checked Okay
8/15/15 2:07 amunknown Montgomery HallCriminal Mischief to BuildingReport Filed/Forwarded to Facilities Management
8/14/15 9:39 pm8/14/15 9:39 pmLucyAssist Campus Living-Investigate for Odor of MarijuanaOfficer Checked Building/Unable to Locate Source
8/14/15 9:07 am8/14/15 9:07 amCollege/Olive Sts.Property Damage to VehicleReport Filed
8/13/15 5:24 pm8/13/15 5:24 pm500 Block East Hanna St.Assist GPD- Suspicious PersonSubject Arrested by GPD
8/13/15 2:32 pm8/13/15 2:32 pmBeta Theta PiFire AlarmDue to Cleaning/Alarm Reset