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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
1/7/16 12:10 am1/7/16 12:10 amDelta UpsilonPro-Active Contact/Noise-Loud MusicOfficer Made Contact with Residents Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Campus Living
1/6/16 11:28 pm1/6/16 11:28 pmPhi Kappa PsiPro-Active Contact-Loud PeopleOfficer Made Contact with House Representation Verbal Warning Issued/Forwarded to Campus Living
1/6/16 9:13 pm1/6/16 9:13 pmHogateNoise-Loud MusicForwarded to Campus Living
1/6/16 8:49 am1/6/16 8:49 amLocust St.Recovered Property/False IDReturned to Owner/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
1/6/16 5:03 am1/6/16 5:03 amJulianFire AlarmSmoke Detector False Alarm/Forwarded to Facilities Management
1/4/16 8:32 pmunknown 304 S. IndianaProperty Damage to Windows/TVReport Filed/Closed Pending Additional Information
1/4/16 10:00 amunknown Bloomington St. HallTheft/Criminal Mischief to DoorForwarded to Community Standards Committee
1/4/16 5:03 am1/4/16 5:03 amJulianFire AlarmSmoke Detector/False Alarm
1/2/16 4:08 pm1/2/16 4:08 pmEli's Books/StarbucksCriminal Trespass/Resisting Law EnforcementArrested: Eric F. Whitehead
1/1/16 11:50 pm1/1/16 11:50 pmInn at DePauwDisorderly ConductSubject Left Prior to Officer Arrival/Subject Located Off Campus Verbal Warning Issued