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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
10/31/15 12:45 am10/31/15 12:45 amHumbertMischief to Trash CanSubject Located Verbal Warning Issued/Subject Returned Trash Can to Correct Position
10/31/15 12:07 am10/31/15 12:07 amDelta UpsilonPro-Active Contact/Hazard-Propped DoorForwarded to IFC/Forwarded to Campus Living
10/30/15 11:35 pm10/30/15 11:35 pmPhi Kappa PsiSafe Community Call-Alcohol Violation/Welfare CheckReleased to Sober Monitor/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
10/30/15 3:49 pm10/30/15 3:49 pmBishop RobertsHazard-Broken BottlesForwarded to Facilities Management/Forwarded to Campus Living
10/30/15 1:13 am10/30/15 1:13 amAlpha Tau OmegaFire AlarmPull Station/Alarm Reset
10/29/15 11:55 pm10/29/15 11:55 pmAlpha Tau OmegaParty Registration ViolationEvent Shut Down/Forwarded to Organizational Review
10/29/15 10:47 pm10/29/15 10:47 pmDelta Tau DeltaParty Registration ViolationEvent Shut Down/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
10/29/15 8:51 pm10/29/15 HogateTheft of PhoneReport Filed/Closed Pending Additional Information
10/29/15 5:45 pm10/29/15 5:45 pmHumbertInvestigate for OdorGFD Dispatched Source Located/Forwarded to Facilities Management
10/29/15 5:29 pm10/29/15 5:29 pm407 S JacksonFire-Grease FireExtinguished Alarm Reset/Forwarded to Facilities Management & Campus Living