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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
10/27/15 11:36 pm10/27/15 11:36 pm401 S JacksonFire-Electrical Due to Ceiling Fan MalfunctionForwarded to Campus Living/Forwarded to Facilities Management
10/27/15 9:57 pm10/27/15 9:57 pm414 S IndianaFire AlarmCooking/Alarm Reset
10/27/15 4:29 pm10/27/15 4:29 pmLilly CenterMedicalAmbulance Dispatched Patient Refused Treatment Transported to Hospital in Personal Vehicle/Forwarded to Student Life
10/27/15 1:50 pmunknown Walnut/Locust Sts.Theft of Stop SignReport Filed Closed Pending Additional Information/Forwarded to Street Department
10/27/15 1:34 am10/27/15 1:34 amPhi Delta ThetaSafe Community Call/Alcohol ViolationTransported to Hospital/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
10/26/15 7:51 pm10/26/15 7:51 pmStrasmaSuspicious PersonOfficer Checked Area/Unable to Locate Subject
10/26/15 9:50 am10/26/15 9:50 amInn at DePauwFire AlarmDue to Maintenance on System/Alarm Reset
10/25/15 8:25 pm10/25/15 8:25 pmDelta Tau DeltaFire AlarmSmoke Detector/False Alarm
10/25/15 8:20 pm10/25/15 8:20 pmIndiana St.Hazard-Missing Manhole CoverForwarded to Street Department
10/25/15 8:08 pm10/25/15 8:08 pmCollege Ave.Criminal Mischief to VehicleReport Filed/Closed Pending Additional Information