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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
10/5/15 11:57 am10/5/15 11:57 amEast College Vandalism, chalk on hallwaysChecking with Faculty in the area, under investigation
10/4/15 10:27 pm10/4/15 10:27 pmHogate Hall Theft of laptopUnder Investigation
10/4/15 8:38 pm10/4/15 8:38 pmUnion Building Medical-injury to footTransported to and from PCH
10/4/15 5:04 pm10/4/15 5:04 pmSigma Alpha Epsilon Fire (trash can)Extinguished prior to arrival of fire department/police. No Damage.
10/4/15 2:07 pm10/4/15 2:07 pmHogate Hall Theft of Laptop (delayed report from August)Under Investigation
10/4/15 10:37 am10/4/15 10:37 amHogate Theft of laptopsUnder Investigation
10/4/15 9:32 am10/4/15 9:32 amUnion Building Assist student; malfunctioning ATM Student calling Bank Monday Morning
10/4/15 3:28 am10/4/15 3:28 amLucy Rowland Hall Alcohol ViolationReleased to sober friend; referred to Community Standards
10/4/15 3:12 am10/4/15 3:12 amAlpha Tau Omega Fire AlarmCaused by smoke machine in the basement; alarm reset
10/4/15 2:15 am10/4/15 2:15 amHogate Hall Alcohol ViolationReferred to Community Standards