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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
10/5/14 1:21 am10/5/14 1:21 amPhi Psi Theft/Suspicious ActivityProperty from another fraternity seen being carried inside; Property returned, presidents will address as well as a referral to community standards.
10/5/14 1:05 am10/6/14 1:05 amBeta Theta Pi Pro Active Contact - Noise IFC will address the noise
10/5/14 12:55 am10/5/14 12:55 amTaylor Place Welfare check/Minor in Consumption Released to sober friend, referred to community standards
10/5/14 12:19 am10/5/14 12:19 amSigma Chi Damage to Property/HazardHouse members will clean up debris from roadway; referred to Community Standards
10/5/14 12:13 am10/5/14 12:13 amPhi Gamma Delta Trouble Alarm President will address alarm malfunction
10/4/14 11:37 pm10/4/14 11:37 pmSigma ChiPro Active Contact - Noise Made contact with IFC, load music addressed
10/4/14 9:08 pm10/4/14 9:08 pmHogate Hall Vending Machine damaged and products takenReport Filed
10/4/14 2:10 pm10/4/14 2:09 pmPeeler Art Center Parking Lot Smoldering charcoal in dumpster Greencastle Fire used extinguisher to cool coals
10/4/14 2:06 pm10/4/14 2:08 pmBlackstock Medical/Alcohol ViolationTransported to PCH, referred to community standards
10/4/14 12:01 pm10/4/14 12:01 pmAlpha Tau Omega Noise ComplaintNo excessive Noise found