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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
2/20/15 10:30 pm2/20/15 10:30 pmKappa Kappa GammaMedicalAmbulance Dispatched/Transported to Hospital
2/20/15 7:06 pm2/20/15 7:06 pmDelta Tau DeltaFire AlarmSubject Smoking Alarm Reset/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/20/15 4:30 pm2/20/15 4:30 pmLittle Rock AptsAssist Campus Living-Possession of Marijuana/Possession of ParaphernaliaForwarded to Community Standards Committee
2/20/15 3:19 pm2/19/15 Lilly CenterTheft of Wallet-Delayed ReportForwarded to Community Standards Committee/Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office
2/19/15 11:26 pm2/19/15 11:26 pmSigma ChiPublic IndecencyMade Contact with House Representation/Verbal Warning Issued
2/19/15 8:29 pm2/19/15 8:29 pmGCPAMedicalTransported to Hospital
2/19/15 9:45 am2/19/15 9:45 pmHumbertFire AlarmSmoke Detector/False Alarm
2/19/15 9:36 am2/19/15 9:36 amCollege St HallFire AlarmSteam from Shower/Alarm Reset
2/19/15 7:41 am2/7/15 Anderson St.Minors In Consumption/Minors in Possession of AlcoholForwarded to Prosecutor's Office/Forwarded to Community Standards Committee