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Winter Term & Spring Housing Intent and Application

The time has come for us to gather information about students housing needs for Winter Term and next semester. We need to know what your plans are for both.

Please follow the instructions below to complete the Spring 2014 Housing Intent Form:

- Go to DePauw's Residence Portal -
- Once you're there, choose the "Resident" login option.
- Your username will be your DePauw e-mail (including the and your password will be your DePauw network password (this is the same thing as your Moodle password). Enter them and login.
- You'll then be taken to your personal home screen within Residence.
- You should see two applications: One for Winter Term and one for Spring 2015 and the links to "Get Started" on them.
- Click the links and fill out both applications based on your housing intentions for Winter Term and next semester.

If you don't currently live in University owned housing but will need to in the Spring, this is the place to apply.  Even if you live in a fraternity or sorority chapter house or if you are not planning on returning in the Spring, we need for you to fill out this form.

For those who are applying for University-owned housing for the Spring:  If you want to live with a specific person or group of people, you will need to exchange passcodes with them.  Once you log in to Residence, you'll see your passcode in the upper right corner of your screen.  Only students who have mutually selected each other by entering the other persons passcode will be placed together.

The completed form is due by October 31, 2014. If you have any difficulty logging into the system, completing the form or if you have questions, please contact