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Dining FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Meal Plans

When can I use my points?

Fall semester DPU Points/DPU Plus plans are valid beginning the Saturday prior to the start of classes. Authorized early arrivals will have access to their plans upon their scheduled and approved arrival. On January 11, 2015, spring semester points will be added to accounts. DPU Points/ DPU Plus will expire on the Monday immediately following commencement.

Where can I use my points?

DPU Points can be used in the Hub Café, Hub Express, Den Bistro and Convenience store, Café Roy, and Café Allegro. They can also be used at 2 West Bistro and The Fluttering Duck, which are located in The Inn at DePauw. You may dine at any of these locations and spend any amount as often as you like.

DPU Plus can be used in the Out In Town program.

Where can i see what meal plan I am enrolled in?

Log into e-Services, navigate to Campus Life --> Room Assignment.  The meal plan code is in the second-to-last column on the report that loads.


Fall semester unused points will roll over into the spring semester. At the end of the spring semester any unused points will be forfeited. Please refer to your dining contract or housing contract for more detailed information.

Can I still participate in the Dining Plan if I don't live in a Residence Hall?

If you do not live in a Residence Hall but would like to participate in the Dining Plan, you will need to sign up for a Dining Plan by visiting the ID OneCard Office which is located in the lower level of the Memorial Student Union Building. Click here to download the Dining Plan Request Form.

How does the Dining Plan work?

The Dining Plan consists of an all-point-plan spending allowance referred to as "DPU POINTS" and "DPU PLUS". Both of these plans are included in the Dining Plan. These plans provide students with the flexibility to purchase meals and/or snacks at any University dining location whenever they choose. These two accounts are accessed by using your DePauw ID OneCard.

Do I have to participate in the Dining Program?

DePauw University requires any student living in a Residence Hall, Rector Village, or UOAH (University-Owned Apartments and Houses) to participate in a University Dining Plan. The cost of the Dining Plan is automatically invoiced to your student account prior to the beginning of each semester.  Students living in UOAH are required to participate in a UOAH Dining Plan. All students are able to upgrade their Meal Plan. Deadlines for upgrading and downgrading are July 1 for the fall and December 1 for the spring.

How many meals does the Residence Hall Meal Plan cover?

  • If you participate in every all-you-care-to-eat meal then the Residence Hall Meal Plan would cover 65 breakfasts, 65 lunches, 26 brunches, and 91 dinners. This equates to approximately 13 weeks of meals.
  • The Residence Hall Plus Plan would cover 85 breakfasts, 85 lunches, 33 brunches, and 115 dinners. This equates to approximately 16 weeks of meals.

What is the difference in the cost for overhead in the Meal Plan?

The difference between the cost of the Meal Plan and the DPU Points that are received is used for overhead to run the dining facilities.

If I run out of DPU points, can I add more?

Yes, students and parents to make deposits to Tiger Express. Funds can be added, dollar for dollar at the Cash Receipts office in the Administration Building or click here.

When does the Meal Plan end in the fall?

The Meal Plan points for the Fall do not expire and can continue to be used in the Spring assuming the student is enrolled in a Meal Plan for the Spring.

What if I have Dietary Needs?

Bon Appetit understands that some students have special dietary restrictions. Their chefs are able to control the ingredients that go into each dish because of their “from scratch” cooking platform. Accordingly, Bon Appetit offers "made without gluten" items and dishes every day at every meal that will give students variety and healthy options.

Additionally, a "made without gluten" station will provide bagels, cereal, crackers, cookies, and other packaged ingredients that can complement the freshly prepared menu items. These stations are located at Hub Cafe, Hub Express, Den Bistro and Convenience Store, Cafe Allegro, and Cafe Roy.  For more information concerning dietary needs, contact Pamela Roberts, Academic Services at 765.658.6267.