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Special Accessibility Requests for Commencement

DePauw University is pleased to provide accessible seating, parking and wheelchair accessibility for family members and guests. Students or family members must indicate the need for accessible seating so that reserved tickets can be issued for the person indicating the need, and one guest. Regrettably, all accessible seating is limited and therefore we can only accommodate one guest to be seated with a family member in this section. If you need accessible seating accommodations, it is important you provide early notification of these needs due to limited seating, and no later than Friday, May 8th. Requests can be made by calling: Student Disability Services, (765) 658-6267 or emailing: "Mishelle Malayer" or "Pamela Roberts"

Drop-Off and Parking

Any vehicle may enter the turnaround at the east end of Larabee Street by Harrison Hall to drop-off guests who are not able to walk long distances, and ushers will be present to assist. If a family member cannot walk from the drop-off site to the commencement site, ushers will have wheelchairs available to transport from the drop-off to the commencement site. Questions can be directed to: Student Disability Services, (765) 658-6267 or by emailing: "Mishelle Malayer" or "Pamela Roberts"  


Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair access is available at the East end of Harrison Hall. Ushers will refer guests and or assist guests to the wheelchair accessible seating areas. One companion will be permitted to sit with the wheelchair user, and will require a special ticket designated for that section. DePauw University does not provide or rent wheelchairs for personal use, however, if you have a family member in need of a wheelchair for personal use during the activities and ceremony, the family can arrange to rent a wheelchair by contacting Lynn’s Pharmacy at (812) 446-5966, or any number of health equipment rental facilities in the area.


Auditory assistance

Requests for an American Sign Language interpreter for those who are deaf or hard of hearing need to be made as early as possible, and no later than Friday, May 8th.  Requests can be made by calling: Student Disability Services, (765) 658-6267 or emailing: "Mishelle Malayer" or "Pamela Roberts" 


Hospitality and Medical Concerns

There will be hospitality room located inside Harrison Hall in Room 101.  There will be water provided for those having health or heat related problems. A doctor will be on duty to assist should a health emergency occur, and ushers will be present to assist in answering questions that may arise. 


The Deadline to request and guarantee any of the above accommodations is Friday, May 8th.


Reservations, requests, and questions for these and all other accessibility needs can be directed to:

  • Student Disability Services   (765) 658-6267
  • Pamela Roberts, Student Disability Services Coordinator, DePauw University
  • Mishelle Malayer, Administrative Assistant, Student Disability Services, DePauw University

Student Disability Services and ADA Compliance