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Arts and Humanities
ARTH132 Intro Art Hist. Ren-Mod 
ARTH135 East Asian Art Survey II
ARTS152 Intro to Drawing
ARTS153 Intro to Painting 
ARTS160 Intro to Digital Art 
ARTS163 Intro to Photography 
ARTS170 Intro to Sculpture
ARTS175 Intro to Ceramics
ASIA140 Intro to Chinese Culture
CLST100 Greek & Roman Mythology 
CLST120 Ancient Mediterranean World
COMM111 Acting I 
ENG151 Lit and Interpretation 
ENG152 Reading as Writers 
HIST107 Intro to China & Japan 
HIST109 African Civilizations 
HIST111 European Civilization I 
HIST112 Euro. Civ. II 1789-Pres 
MUS102 Music Appreciation 
PHIL101 Intro to Philosophy 
REL130 Intro to Religions
REL130E Intro to Religions--Asian
REL132 Judaism, Christianity, Islam
REL141 Hebrew Bible 
REL142 New Testament  


ARAB191 Beginning Arabic I
ARAB291 Intermediate Arabic I
CHIN161 Elementary Chinese I
CHIN261 Intermediate Chinese I 
FREN101 Elementary French I*
FREN110 Review of Elem. French 
FREN201 Intermediate French I 
FREN202 Intermediate French II
FREN305 Fren. Conv. & Phonetics 
GER111 Elementary German I*
GER112 Elementary German II 
GER211 Intermediate German I
GER212 Intermediate German II
GRK101 Elementary Greek I*
GRK205 Greek Prose & Poetry
ITAL171 Intro to Italian I*
ITAL271 Intermediate Italian 
JAPN151 Elementary Japanese I*
JAPN251 Intermediate Japanese I 
JAPN351 Advanced Japanese I 
LAT123 Elementary Latin I
LAT223 Intro. to Latin Prose 
RUS121 Elementary Russian I*
RUS221 Intermediate Russian I 
RUS263 Spoken Russian
SPAN131 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN140 Intensive Elem. Spanish 
SPAN231 Intermediate Spanish I 
SPAN232 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN330 Span. Conv. & Phonetics 
SPAN332 Span. Reading & Grammar

*Does not fill the Language requirement but is a pre-requisite for a course that does.

Science and Math
BIO101 Molecules, Cells & Genes
BIO102 Evolution, Organisms & Ecology
BIO190 Environmental Biology
CHEM120 Struc/Prop Organic Mol 
CHEM130 Struc/Prop Inorg Compds 
CHEM170 Stoich Calculations 
CSC121 Computer Science I 
CSC122 Data Structures 
GEOS110 Earth & the Environment 
GEOS125 Intro to Environmental Science
KINS100 Intro to Kinesiology 
MATH123 Computational Discrete Math
MATH135 Calculus with Review*
MATH141 Stats for Professionals
MATH151 Calculus I 
MATH152 Calculus II 
MATH223 Foundations of Adv. Math 
MATH251 Calculus III
PHYS104 Stars and Galaxies 
PHYS110 Physics and Society
PHYS120 Principles of Physics I 
PHYS130 Principles of Physics II  
PSY100 Introductory Psychology 

*Does not count toward the Science and Math requirement but is a pre-requisite for a course that does.

Social Sciences
ANTH151 Human Cultures 
ANTH153 Human Origins
BLST100 Intro to Black Studies 
CLST161 Intro to Mediterranean Archaeology 
ECON100 Intro to Economics 
EDUC170 Foundations of Education
POLS110B AmGovt: Political Systems
POLS130 Political Theory 
POLS150 Comparative Pols & Govt 
POLS170 International Politics 
SOC100 Contemporary Society 
WS140 Intro to Women's Studies


COMM117 Theatre Prod. & Design I 
COMM123 Public Speaking 
ENG110 WrtgSemI/NonNativeSpkrs 
ENG115 WrtgSemII/NonNativeSpkrs 
ENG120 College Writing I 
UNIV101 Intro to Quantitative Reasoning