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DePauw has formal agreements with two engineering schools--Columbia University and Washington University (St. Louis). These agreements enable students to earn both the B.A. from DePauw and the B.S. in engineering after a five-year course of study. Normally, this includes three years at DePauw and two years at the engineering school. However, due to the intensive character of engineering education, some students in some fields may require two and one-half to three years beyond the DePauw phase.

Other options, including the 4-2 program leading to either a bachelor's or a master's degree in engineering, are available. Prospects for transfer to other engineering schools with which DePauw does not have a formal agreement should be discussed with the pre-engineering advisor.

The pre-engineering student should plan four or four and one-half courses each semester, and never less than three and one-half. This course load allows for the fullest benefit of science electives and as insurance against schedule conflicts or need for a course withdrawal.

In addition to DePauw's requirements, students must satisfy the requirements of the chosen engineering school. All students must complete a course in differential equations, one year of physics, one year of chemistry and a two-course concentration outside the sciences and mathematics. Additional science course requirements vary with the chosen engineering field. The standard minimum GPA for transfer to one of the three engineering colleges is 3.0, but variations from 2.5 to 3.5 may occur.

Contact Howard Brooks, Professor of Physics and Astronomy.