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Biology Homepage

Biology is the scientific study of living things. Therefore the major and minor in biology are designed to introduce students to the methodology of science while providing a broad exposure to the diversity of life at all levels. Students may also, through their choice of upper-level classes, explore specific areas of interest, such as cell and molecular biology, organismal biology, or ecology and evolutionary biology.

In addition to its standard course offerings, the department offers numerous opportunities for collaborative research and learning with faculty. For example, internships and other research opportunities, both on and off-campus, are available during the January Winter Term and in the summer. Many students also spend a semester away from campus, either in an off-campus study program, such as the School for Field Studies, Denmark International Study, the School for International Training, or as an intern at such institutions as Oak Ridge or Argonne National Laboratories, Harvard Medical School, or the Mayo Clinic.

Courses in Biology

BIO 135 Organismal Biology. (1 course, Science and Math)
Includes laboratory. Introduces concepts of structure-function relationships in representative multicellular organisms (plants and animals). Aspects of organismal maintenance, environmental response, growth, and reproduction are related to structure, and comparisons made between specializations in representative plants and animals. Students with advance placement in biology may receive credit for this course.

BIO 145 Ecology and Evolution. (1 course, Science and Math)
This course examines the principles and practice of evolutionary biology, Mendelian and population genetics, and ecology at the individual, population, community, and ecosystem levels.