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Services offered

Many services are covered by the Student Health Fee.

Services covered by the Student Health Fee

  •     Routine office visits
  •     Wellness assessments
  •     Allergy shots (student provides own serum)
  •     Sharps containers for diabetics
  •     Flu shots
  •     Sexual assault services
  •     Sexual health, including most sexually transmitted illness testing and treatment
  •     HIV testing (confidential)
  •     Women's health services (pap smears, breast exams, pregnancy testing)

Services not covered by the Student Health Fee

  •     Lab test exceeding $20 per visit or labs ordered by outside physicians
  •     Sickle cell screening
  •     Birth control
  •     Plan B (emergency contraception)
  •     Immunizations
  •     X-rays (performed in office)
  •     Hospitalization charges
  •     Emergency room expenses

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