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The 122nd Battle for the Monon Bell

Thinking fast at Improv Club.

Prof. Brian Wright works with students in the kinesiology lab.

Interactive topography at GIS Day 2015

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 Campaign for DePauw

Campaign for DePauw

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Nationally recognized, DePauw provides a set of exceptional college experiences marked by intellectual rigor and shaped by a dynamic faculty. These experiences are further enhanced by an engaging residential campus community and a breadth and depth of perspectives inside and outside of the classroom.

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DePauw By The Numbers

  • 5honors & fellows programs

    Ranging from Honor Scholar to programs focused on the environment, management, media and science research.

  • 11world leaders

    The number of presidents or prime ministers - including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Benazir Bhutto - who have spoken at DePauw since 1990.

  • 93%

    The percent of recent DePauw graduates with career or graduate school plans set before graduation. 

  • 5,000people

    Impacted by community service performed by DePauw students during the 2013-14 academic year.