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Invasive Plants

What is an Invasive Plant?

An “invasive” plant is a non-native plant that infests natural areas and causes environmental or economic harm, or harm to human health. Invasive plants degrade and destroy thousands of acres of natural plant communities in Indiana. 

Why Should I Care? 

Approximately 42% of threatened or endangered species are classified “at risk” due directly to non-native invasive species. Invasive plants also out-compete and destroy habitat for native wildflowers and animals due to their lack of co-evolution with species and having no natural predators. 

For more information on invasive plants, check out the Nature Conservancy publications, the Indiana Native Plant & Wildflower Society (INPAWS), and the Remove Invasive Plants (RIP) facebook page

Invasive Plant Species in the DePauw Nature Park: 

Garlic Mustard 
Japanese Honeysuckle 
Multiflora Rose 
Asian Bush Honeysuckle
Japanese Barberry
Russian Olive